Marketing on Bid Match

The New Mexico Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) is pleased to now offer Prime Contractors the opportunity to post solicitations for subcontract opportunities in our private “BidMatch” subscription system. The system is used by PTAC/PTAP small business clients nationally, with nearly 500 small businesses, of various socio-economic statuses, subscribing here in New Mexico. You are also invited to use this resource to post Requests for Information to expand and grow your potential stable of subcontractors.

To use this service, we need the following information:

  1. FSG: Choose the appropriate Federal Supply Group ( that best describes the bid opportunity. You may only choose one code per bid.

  2. NAICS (s): if you happen to know one or all of the codes that best describe this bid opportunity, please include the information.

  3. Title: The title field is mandatory and should describe the procurement opportunity in as much detail as possible up to 255 characters.

  4. Solicitation Number: The solicitation number is also required and should be the unique number used to identify the bid; up to 64 characters. Even if you don’t have a formal bid numbering system in place, just make something up.

  5. Due Date: Generally speaking, you will not want to submit a bid via BidCenter that requires a response in less than five days, so the Due Date should always be at least five days out. Most of these bids are primarily distributed to small businesses and most small businesses do not have the resources to respond within fewer than five days. This is the day the subs bid is due to you – not the agencies due date.

  6. Text: The more details you include in the text field the better the responses will be from prospective teaming partners. Include any mandatory pre-bid meetings or on-site inspections that might be important and also identify how they may obtain more information such as the complete bid package, if possible. You can enter up to 2 Gigabytes of data, although we don't recommend quite this much information! Unfortunately, you cannot include any attachments and the text entered in this field should not include any special formatting such as bolding or color.

  7. Performance State: assuming NM, please confirm.

Once you have gathered this information submit it to:

Tracey Edwards

PTAP – Administrative Assistant II

505 224-5695

If you require further information about this service, please feel free to call Diane Kimbrell Howell, Deputy Program Manager, at 505-224-5969.

The New Mexico Procurement Technical Assistance Program (NMPTAP) is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the Defense Logistics Agency. The NM PTAP is also supported by the State of New Mexico.