Native American Owned Businesses

Agency Programs for Native Americans

Despite recent improvements, Native Americans continue to suffer high unemployment and some of the worst poverty levels in the country.  Native American owned businesses on or near reservations contribute important jobs and a higher standard of living out of poverty for the nation’s first citizens.

Because Native Americans have a long history with the United States, including treaties as well as their patriotic duty to the military, Congress has established several programs aimed at improving Native owned businesses. Today native enterprises include architecture, engineering, construction, IT and other areas that supply high quality goods and services to the federal government.  Agencies such as the Small Business Administration, Department of Commerce, Veterans Administration and others have special programs for Native Americans.  The U.S. SBA’s Business Development Program, known as 8(a) recognizes the unique status of tribally owned, as well as, individually owned native businesses by including them in their supportive efforts.  The nine year program grows qualified business by training, counseling and special government contract assistance.  Other notable programs include the Department of Defense’s Indian Incentive Program (IIP) which awards prime contractors up to 5% of all money paid to Native American owned subcontractors in accordance with DFARS Clause 252.226-700.

Buy Indian Act

Agencies created just for Native Americans such as the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Health Service, and the Bureau of Indian Education have strengthened their purchasing of goods and services from Native American business, through the recently amended “Buy Indian Act” further codified in the FAR and CFR.

Procurement Technical Assistance

The Nation’s Center PTAC [Procurement Technical Assistance Center], formerly known as UIDA, is a non-profit program of the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development.  They assist businesses located on the reservations in New Mexico who want to pursue government contracts from the Bureau of Indian Affairs as well as other federal and state agencies.  For contact information about the PTAC offices in Albuquerque and Window Rock, please click HERE

The Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) supports Native American owned business through outreach and collaborative efforts with the Nation’s Center PTAC and other organizations in New Mexico that specialize in the field of Native affairs.  For businesses owned by Native Americans but located outside of reservations, assistance is available from PTAP Advisors in New Mexico.  See links below.

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