Free Bid Matching

The Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) of New Mexico is pleased to offer our clients access to Bid Match. Bid Match is a service that uses a search engine to search more than 400 procurement databases (including FedBizOps) and finds only those opportunities that are potentially applicable to your business. Once your profile is established, relevant bid opportunities are delivered to your business’ email.

Why would I want to be on Bid Match?

  • Provides contract opportunities as frequently as daily
  • Saves time and money  (since your business does not have to look through multiple databases for appropriate contract opportunities)
  • Free of charge
  • Excellent market research tool
    • Can be used to find possible prime contractors for which you
       might do sub-contracting
    • Can be used to locate teaming partners
    • Provides an overview of the types of products and services the
      government purchases relevant to your company

How does Bid Match work?

  • You and your PTAP Advisor work together to develop a profile of your business using key words to describe the goods or services you provide
  • You can specify the desired geographical locations of bid opportunities (by state or throughout the world).
  • The PTAP Advisor submits the profile to Bid Match
  • In less than 24 hours, Bid Match then starts searching more than 400 procurement databases throughout the US and the world (including FedBizOpps)
  • Bid Match sends contract opportunities specific to your profile directly to your business’ email
  • You choose how you want to follow up on these opportunities

Bid Match is offered at no cost to PTAP clients. Talk to a PTAP Procurement Advisor to get started.

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