The Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) in New Mexico emphasizes education of business owners to enable them to be better vendors to the government, educational institutions, and tribal entities.  A wide variety of resources are available for business owners to use as they determine whether to pursue government contracting , register in databases, develop a marketing plan, respond to requests for proposals, set up compliant accounting systems and interact with contracting officers.

Links is an extensive list of other websites containing useful information.  The links are organized by category, such as registrations, federal agency sites, market research, and more.

Tools contains documents typically used by PTAP Advisors to guide clients and assist them to plan and make decisions.

Training Videos currently has a video about the SAM registration system.  Plans are to expand this section in the future.

Resource Organizations  has a list of organizations that might be helpful in different parts of the process.

FAQs are Frequently Asked Questions with answers.  The questions refer to basic concepts in government contracting.

NMSBDC is a link to the website of the New Mexico Small Business Development Center.  The NMSBDC provides small business owners assistance with creating a business plan, marketing their product, obtaining financing, starting a business, and other specialized areas.  The NMSBDC has 20 centers located in all regions of New Mexico.  The NMSBDC is also the host organization for the International Business Accelerator in Santa Teresa.  Counseling is free at the NMSBDC and they offer free or low cost trainings, too.

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